A simple eye check can do more than assess your sight. It could save your life. Warning signs for a range of life-threatening illnesses can be detected in the inner workings of the eye so a trip to the optician could save more than your sight.

With this in mind and with a combined experience of over 35 years, Malvinder and Kirpal use their experience and knowledge to offer Advanced Digital Imaging at their practice in Stamford.

Advanced Digital Imaging is a machine that scans the eyes for health problems and sight related illnesses therefore giving an early diagnosis of a disease or deeper health problem.

OCT Scanning

The Stamford Eye Clinic has invested in the very latest OCT scanning technology.

An Optical Coherence Tomography scan is a unique check which uses near-infrared light reflected off the retina to produce a high resolution 3D scan of the retina and associated structures. It is particularly useful in the assessment of patients with AMD, Diabetic Maculopathy, early detection of Glaucoma and the management of these diseases.

The sight check is non-invasive, quick and entirely painless. This advanced imagery will detect and monitor early stages of diseases.